Beyond Conventional Psychiatry

As a Psychiatrist, I am trained and understand that Mental Health Challenges are related to Physical, Psychological and Social Factors.   This fact is acknowledged in conventional as well as integrative Psychiatry, but often the conventional Psychiatrist focuses on the symptoms alone without searching for the underlying factors that have caused the symptom to occur.  Recent research has discovered that there is a strong relationship between inflammation and both physical and mental health symptoms.  The primary physical factors that modify a person's genetics and cause inflammation and dysfunction are: 1) allergens; 2) infections or imbalance of the microbes in the gut; 3) toxins; 4) diet and nutrition and 5) lifestyle and stress.   In addition, the microbes in the gut produce a large amount of neurotransmitters - including more serotonin and dopamine than in the brain!  As a holistic and integrative Psychiatrist, the importance of evaluating the function of the brain, the body and the behavior, along with the Psychological, Social and Spiritual factors for each person, is critical in order to result in true health.

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Dr. Heffner has been interviewed 5 times in August and September

2017 on Principal Broadcasting.  Here are the recordings.

8 minute radio interview of Dr. Phyllis Heffner on Principal Broadcasting 8/10/2017

30 minute interview by Muriel Donnelly on Integrative Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

30 minute interview by Muriel Donnelly on Integrative Treatment of ADHD and Autism

30 minute interview by Muriel Donnelly on Integrative Therapies in Psychiatry

30 minute interview by Muriel Donnelly on the Brain and Body Wellness Membership Program at Holistic Child/Adult Psychiatry

Interview on Holistic Psychiatry

This interview was conducted in June, 2015 in Vancouver, B.C. by Stephanie Jackson, a Health Coach who specializes in Probiotics and Gut Health.




Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect in the first session when I see Dr. Heffner?

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What are the signs of hypothyroidism?

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Why are Functional Laboratory Tests being recommended for Psychiatric conditions?

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