Holistic Psychiatry Presentations

Holistic Child Psychiatry, LLC

Holistic Psychiatry Presentations

These Presentations are for you if you or your child have Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Depression,  Anxiety or other mental health, hormonal, gastrointestinal or autoimmune problems and you are concerned about the use of any type of  medications that can have serious side effects, negative interactions, and often limited benefits. Learn more about natural, holistic and integrative methods to assess and treat these conditions. You are encouraged to pass on this invitation to any family members, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances who might have similar concerns. We will explore many different possible options to help you gain back your health.

When:  Second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6:30PM

Location: Education Room, Holistic Child Psychiatry/Holistic Adult Psychiatry

10801 Hickory Ridge Road, Suite 215

Columbia, MD  21044

Healthy refreshments will be available.
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email to:  holistischildpsychiatry@gmail.com
tel:           (410)260-0344