Nutritionist Services

Amy Gedenk, Clinical Nutrition Intern

Amy is a clinical nutrition intern trained in integrative and functional medicine nutrition. She completed her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is working towards obtaining the Certified Nutrition Specialist credential and licensure as a licensed dietitian-nutritionist in Maryland. She specializes in many conditions including hormone balance, thyroid health and autoimmune disease, chronic digestive complaints, food sensitivities and allergies, weight loss, and nutrition therapy for mental health.

Amy takes a personalized approach to health by creating targeted and evidence-based recommendations to support clients with their goals. Nutritional recommendations are created to support a client’s budget, schedule, and lifestyle. Her goal is to make sure all clients feel empowered eating and choosing healing foods. Her services include nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching, meal plan development, functional lab test analysis, grocery store tours, pantry rehabs, nutrition education classes, and cooking demonstrations.

What you can expect from working together:

  • Personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations that support your budget, busy schedule, and lifestyle
  • High-quality supplement recommendations to correct nutritional deficiencies and support metabolic pathways
  • Recipes, handouts, and other materials that support your diet and lifestyle changes
  • Accountability to help you develop lifelong healthy habits
  • Emotional support and encouragement
  • Stress management and self-care recommendations
  • Education on healthy cooking, meal planning, and tips for turning your favorite foods into more nutrient-dense meals


How do you know if nutrition counseling is right for you?

  • You want more energy and better sleep quality
  • You want to feel happier and reduce stress & anxiety
  • You are pregnant or planning a pregnancy within 6 months
  • You want to reduce bloating, constipation, or acid reflux
  •  You want to reduce PMS and balance your hormones
  • You want to easily lose or maintain weight
  • You want clear skin
  • You want to better manage a chronic condition
  • You want to reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • You want to eliminate demanding food cravings