Holistic and integrative psychiatric treatments often include therapies that are not commonly used in conventional psychiatry. In addition to the traditional use of individual, family and group therapies and medication management, there are many other ways to treat both the physical and emotionally based causes for mental health symptoms.

When someone has been discovered to have a physical underlying cause for their symptoms, the primary focus of the treatment starts with treating the physical problem. At Holistic Child Psychiatry/Holistic Adult Psychiatry that is generally accomplished using Functional Medicine techniques, including diet and lifestyle modification, use of supplements, herbs and medications when indicated, detoxification methods if needed, etc. As the person’s body heals, often their mental health symptoms improve as well. If someone has been found to have a biochemical imbalance or genetic variations that are contributing to their symptoms, the appropriate nutrient regimen is recommended. Stress management strategies are employed when someone is overwhelmed, extremely anxious or depressed.

In addition to these methods, our clinic is offering several other treatment options, for regular patients in the practice, members of our intensive Wellness Programs and also by referral by community health practitioners. These treatments will include:

Neurofeedback is a brainwave-based therapy that can reduce ADHD, anxiety, anger, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, address Chronic pain conditions, help traumatic brain injury, reduce seizures, improve addictions, improve insomnia, and other symptoms. This treatment starts with an initial evaluation, followed by a quantitative EEG to determine the person’s brainwave pattern and develop the treatment protocol, then a series of training sessions. The system used at Holistic Child Psychiatry is 19 channel LORETA Neurofeedback using Neuroguide(R) software and a Deymed EEG amplifier. This is the most advanced form of Neurofeedback that is available, and often requires less sessions than surface neurofeedback.

HeartMath(R) Training (Heart Rate Variability Training) uses biofeedback and simple breathing and imagery techniques to reduce anxiety, stress, depression and manage anger. There is an app as well as a hand-held device that can be purchased or rented to use at home for additional benefit.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a method of increasing the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the body by increasing the atmospheric pressure in the chamber to 1.3 normal. The person (or a parent and child) can lie or sit in the chamber and read , play video games or watch a movie during the treatment. A series of treatments are needed to get the most benefit. Increased oxygen is helpful in many conditions, including autism, Lyme Disease, Cerebral Palsy, strokes, athletic performance, autoimmune disease, wound healing and many others.

Far Infrared Sauna uses deeply penetrating heat generated by far infrared heaters to increase the body temperature, causing sweating and therefore release of heavy metals, organic chemical toxins, Lyme Disease, Mold Toxins and other substances from the fat and other storage areas in the body. It is a form of detoxification. Prior to starting sauna therapy, the liver, kidneys and bowels must be working well to aid in elimination, and the person must be well hydrated. During the initial treatment sessions, temperatures and time in the sauna are kept low, and gradually increased as tolerated. The Biomat uses far infrared heat both for pain management and relaxation as well as for detoxification. As the Biomat at the Clinic is designed to fit on a chair, this treatment can be combined with some of the others.

The Ionic Footbath is another detoxification strategy, pulling toxins out through the skin as well as encouraging the kidneys to eliminate toxins. Studies done by parents of children with autism have indicated significant improvement in their symptoms with the use of these treatments.

Vielight(R) – uses near infrared light to stimulate the mitochondria and increase their function. This improves cardiac, immune and body functions with just the use of an intranasal device. Using the combination of the Vielight headset and intranasal device, it can change a person’s brainwaves and thus improve their brain function. The Center also has a traditional Light Box available for use in both Seasonal Affective DIsorder and Major Depression.

Alpha-Stim(R) is a cranial electrical stimulation device that is helpful in reducing depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain conditions. Sessions usually last 20 minutes, although some people need as much as 60-90 minutes a day for full benefit. Patients can come to the Clinic repeatedly to use this device or may decide to purchase their own.

Computerized Neuropsychological Screening is available to assess for attention problems and executive functioning challenges, cognitive decline, psychological symptoms, brain injury and others conditions. This testing takes from 30-60 minutes, depending on the reasons for the testing, and is interpreted by Dr. Heffner.

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